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Step into the transformational multiverse of Dani Katz, where words transcend their function as communication tools, and become catalysts for evolution, empowerment and expansion. With a captivating blend of wisdom, humor and fierce, no-bullshit, heart-centered guidance, Dani empowers rebel badasses to navigate the transformational path with courage and authenticity, and to claim their full potential as conscious reality creators.

As a bestselling author, podcast host, and seasoned public speaker, she fearlessly illuminates the shadows of societal programming while championing actionable solutions for positive change. With infectious optimism, Dani radiates boundless magic, inviting all who dare to journey with her into a realm where the power of words shapes destinies and ignites (r)evolutions. Welcome to the extraordinary world of Dani Katz, where every word holds the promise of a brighter, more empowered future.

The Language of Betterarchy

4.8 Star Rating

In the much-anticipated follow-up to her critically-acclaimed, Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change, Dani Katz focuses her Quantum Languaging word wizardry on societal overhaul. Equal parts cultural critique and (r)evolutionary handbook,

The Language of Betterarchy offers tangible tools to unify the populace, and evolve our culture for the “better” with our every word. After dismantling the myth of patriarchy as prime cultural perpetrator, Katz pinpoints hierarchy as the nexus of distortion doing the collective body bad. She goes on to offer simple, yet profound communication upgrades that empower, uplift, equalize and inspire, while evolving our culture into a “betterarchical” structure that serves the greatest good of all.

A sweet, sassy and subversive read, The Language of Betterarchy challenges the erroneous fictions propping up victim culture and identity politics, as well as the gender divide and the so-called “return of the divine feminine.” A must-read for the visionary change-makers who came here to transform the world for the infinitely more wonderful.

“I highly recommend Dani Katz’ new book, The Language of Betterarchy. The concepts are expansive and if you are a lover, as I am, of fine writing, prepare to be dazzled. Her understanding and use of language had me saying ‘Wow!’ More times than I can count.”

-Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

Author, The Big Leap and Conscious Loving

"Katz dismantles the Victim archetype by exposing the corrupted culture of language bloated by patriarchal standards and values. Her forceful arguments are delivered with verve and the total conviction of a woman on fire… a spokesperson advancing the linguistics of ethics.”

-Antero Alli

Author, The Eight Circuit Brain

“Dani has taken an invaluable step into illuminating the stage upon which humanity’s drama is unfolding.”

-Dr. David Martin
Founder, M-CAM International

Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change

4.9 Star Rating

Described as “a sensei’s handbook” by So Cal and LA Man author, Joe Donnelly, Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change clocks in at 103 pages, each one filled with fun, simple communication tools, tweaks and techniques with massive transformational implications.

Informed by the understanding that language is the fundamental building block of our entire known reality, Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change offers visionary insight into the vibrational codes embedded within our words.

The work sheds timely and relevant light upon the ways we unconsciously language our reality, while offering easy, accessible techniques that support us in up-leveling our communication patterns for the infinitely more harmonious, expansive, empowering, inclusive and effective.

"Enter the magic world of master-wordsmith, Dani Katz, where simple communication tweaks produce transcendental changes. Follow her quirky, entertaining path and watch your world change."

-Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

Author, The Big Leap and Conscious Loving

"This little book is far more powerful than one might first realize. Sometimes the smallest changes have the greatest effects, and Dani’s little language hacks can change a biting argument into a heart-opening experience. Our whole life is built upon our inner language, so why not refine yours until it shimmers like a jewel?

This book can help in that regard. I love it!"

-Richard Rudd

Author, The Gene Keys and

The Art of Contemplation

"I am a word person…I have always been fascinated by the power of language, and its layered rhythms and effects on the psyche and its under-estimated influence in the world. With that in mind I approached Dani’s book wondering what the hell she could offer. Frankly, I am amazed at what she has wrought. It is so original, so deft, so sweetly illuminating and even scholarly, so fun, that I am happy to recommend it to all comers who want to expand their language wisdom."

-Jay Levin

founder, LA Weekly

Pop Propaganda

4.9 Star Rating

An illustrated compendium of 21st century media manipulation techniques, tools and trickery, “Pop Propaganda” was written and illustrated by a real-deal, bonafide journalist to empower us to think critically, to recognize persuasion disguised as public service, and to not take the bait.

"Dani is a rare archetype. Like myself, she escaped the cult of identitarianism to serve the highest order - truth. But, Dani’s articulation of truth is uniquely her own dialect. She masterfully weaves hard facts with razor-sharp wit and irony, sweetening the bitter taste of reality. Dani's latest literary work, Pop Propaganda should be classified as mandatory reading for anyone struggling to navigate our rapidly changing world. Scan over her 'table of contents' and you’ll get a glimpse into the depths of Dani’s understanding of the world we live in. While so many authors are wasting ink on diversionary topics, Dani is digging at the roots of the most pressing social issues we currently face."

-Mikki Willis,

Father/Filmmaker, Plandemic

"This innocent looking little truth grenade rolls in looking all casual and then goes off like a bomb in the brain.

Wow. It’s so well done and very timely...

You know all that critical thinking that was taken out of our schools, universities and journalism programs...? I found it! It’s right here in this incisive, succinct and profusely illustrated gem from an actual journalist, Dani Katz! Get your friends’ minds back on track with Pop Propaganda!"

-Foster Gamble
Co-creator, THRIVE

"Propaganda is as old as politics, and improving all the time. Ever since the protections of the Smith-Mundt Act were dissolved in 2012, Americans have been recipients of a dazzling array of weaponized psychological research that used to be directed only at our enemies, and is now trying to control your mind. Fear not! For in your hands, you hold a hip and handy compendium which identifies these techniques, and guides you back to sanity and logic. Kudos to Dani Katz for making this manual for right thought available at a time we need it most."

-Robert Forte
Author and Psychedelic Scholar

"Pop Prop fills in the post-Bernays blanks of propaganda's history. It modernizes the concepts with language all ages can comprehend and will recognize everywhere in mainstream media. And it has drawings!"

-Adam Curry

Yes. I am: A Transformational Coloring Book for Kiddos, Grown-ups + Everyone in Between

4.6 Star Rating

Adapted from her “I Am” calendar, Dani Katz's “Yes, I Am” is a transformational coloring book designed to prompt, prod, beckon, cajole, guide and support you in being your very best you. Ever. Chock-ful o’ hand drawn, handwritten and thoroughly adorable awesomeness, “Yes, I Am” was designed with you – yes, you! – in mind. Intended to expand your mind, heart and worldview, this book serves as a non-denominational system of conscious evolution steeped in radical joy, unconditional love, and an unshakeable faith in the infinite power of an awakened humanity. While daily reading, coloring and sharing is encouraged (not to mention super fun), the transformational tome doubles as an oracle you can randomly flip-through when you're in the market for advice, inspiration or a giggle. Customize your “Yes, I Am” book as inspired - color inside the lines; color outside the lines; make your own lines; obliterate the lines and create something altogether new; or declare coloring stupid, rip out the pages, and fashion them into origami jellyfish. There is no wrong way to play with “Yes, I Am”. “Yes, I Am” is suitable for kiddos, grown-ups, and everyone in between.

"Yes, I am is inspirational, funny, thoughtful and motivating. Cheers to Dani, and manifesting more to come!"

- Roxanne L.

"This is a delicious, quirky and often profound book. I have been a fan of Dani's cartoons for some time and this is the first time she has gathered them in a book. I pick it up periodically, read some pages, and color as I feel moved to."

- Jeffrey C.

"Beautiful book! Profound and shimmering all at once, Dani Katz has created a Be Here Now for the new new age. Every page is an inspiration, a meditation, a paradigm shift. Brilliant, unusual, hilarious. Totally recommend it!"

- Hilary S.

What People Say About Dani

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“Dani is a true genius with language and its applications. Her work is incredible.”

richard rudd

Author of Gene Keys

“Dani is a unicorn. Her articulation of truth is uniquely her own dialect. She masterfully weaves hard facts with razor-sharp wit and irony, sweetening the bitter taste of reality.”

Miki willis

Filmmaker, Plandemic series

“Katz is a woman on fire...a spokesperson advancing the linguistics of ethics."

antero alli

Author of The Eight Circuit Brain

“Dani understands people at a very deep level. She understands how people communicate, integrate and associate.”

Shaman Durek

“Dani has taken an invaluable step into illuminating the stage upon which humanity's drama is unfolding.”


“Dani Katz: The most dangerous woman on the internet.”


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