Prepare to have your mind expanded and your every paradigm shattered by way of Dani’s edge-pushing interviews, and word nerd deep-dives. From Quantum Languaging hacks to scorched-Earth propaganda analysis, each episode is a rollercoaster ride of truth bombs, frame shifts and unapologetic sass, sprinkled with tools, solutions and belly laughs.

Word Up with Dani Katz

Deep, edge-pushing, solutions-based conversations with visionaries, original thinkers and rebel badasses, interspersed with Quantum Languaging hacks, Planetary Service Announcements, propaganda deconstruction and scorched-Earth cultural critiques sprinkled with giggles, wisdom and sass.

Words with Dani & Emily

Valley Girls turned conspiracy researchers, Emily Moyer and Dani Katz, deconstruct disinformation, propaganda + weaponized truth while dishing on the nefarious fucktards engineering the globalist agenda/sham show.

Subseries include Psychedelic Fascism and Our Demockracy.

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What People Say About Dani

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“Dani is a true genius with language and its applications. Her work is incredible.”

richard rudd

Author of Gene Keys

“Dani is a unicorn. Her articulation of truth is uniquely her own dialect. She masterfully weaves hard facts with razor-sharp wit and irony, sweetening the bitter taste of reality.”

Miki willis

Filmmaker, Plandemic series

“Katz is a woman on fire...a spokesperson advancing the linguistics of ethics."

antero alli

Author of The Eight Circuit Brain

“Dani understands people at a very deep level. She understands how people communicate, integrate and associate.”

Shaman Durek

“Dani has taken an invaluable step into illuminating the stage upon which humanity's drama is unfolding.”


“Dani Katz: The most dangerous woman on the internet.”


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